Two BALTIMORE RAVENS who will model as well…

20 Nov

Our emcee is the dynamic and talented Keith Scott, CEO/President of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce.  Banner sponsor Carbiz is graciously providing two BALTIMORE RAVENS who will model as well!


Don’t miss the fashion event of the season!  The American Breast Cancer Foundation, in collaboration with The Johns Hopkins Breast Center on the Johns Hopkins Bayview Campus, is proud to host the 1st Annual “Fashion Saves Lives” event.  Come see the latest holiday fashions from Jones & Jones of Cross Keys, and Jos. A. Bank, featured on beautiful breast cancer survivors–showing that with early detection, anything is possible, even walking down a high-end fashion runway feeling and looking beautiful!

Guest models include breast cancer survivor Shay Sharpe, founder of “SHAY SHARPE’S PINK WISHES” foundation, Judy Devanzo of CARE ON foundation, international fitness expert and entrepreneur Lynne Brick, and WBAL-TV’s own Sarah Caldwell!

could not otherwise afford them. Tickets will not be sold at the door.


6:00-7:00 PM:  Fun for everyone!!  Enjoy a taste of Baltimore’s best restaurants as you tour through the museum with a general admission ticket, or mingle with models and enjoy a catered soiree in the VIP lounge with the purchase of a VIP Ticket!

7:00-7:30 PM:   Make your way to the catwalk in Port Discovery’s Atrium, and relax as the DJ spins music to your ears!

7:30-8:30  PM:  The fashion fun begins!

8:30-9:00 PM:   Fashion wrap-up…See you next year!

trauma response-public speaking anxiety

17 Nov

Did something early in live create your fear of public speaking?

Did something early in life create your fear of public speaking?

Public speaking anxiety is usually something that originates in early childhood. Perhaps a child was shouted at by a stressed parent when they tried to speak up, or had an early traumatic experience speaking out at school. This causes a trauma response to be attached to the idea of public speaking, and so every time that person is required to speak in public, the trauma is “triggered”. Experts explain that the way to deal with a public speaking anxiety is to remove the emotional tag from the experience – so speaking in front of others no longer triggers the old trauma. This is entirely possible, but is unlikely to happen of its own accord. Most people with this fear need outside help.

College Panic Attacks

16 Nov

Despite the fact public speaking anxiety is such a huge and widespread problem, it is given surprisingly little attention, especially on college campuses, where many students may be dealing with regular public speaking for the first time. The fear of speaking in front of others can be completely disabling, causing students severe distress. It is one of the most common causes of panic attacks, and can exacerbate other serious conditions such as depression and substance abuse. Even for those who avoid its worst effects, it can cause their entire college experience to be blighted by a shadow of constant anxiety, always dreading being called upon, as well as drastically undermining their performance when they do speak – many who dread public speaking develop “get-to-the-end-itis”, meaning their sole focus when speaking in class is to finish as quickly as possible, rather than saying what they really wanted to.

Hesitation is a silent killer….

14 Nov

Make up your mind to act decidedly and take the consequences. No good is ever done in this world by hesitation.
Thomas Huxley

Hesitation creeps up and kills more presentations than any other criminal element.  It’s that crack in your confidence – the voice that says “your not good enough” or “what you are going to say is stupid“.   Your self-talk becomes negative and nasty toward your abilities.  You begin to breath heavy and your heart starts to pound through your chest.

Is there a way to beat back this demon!


Don't Hesitate

“Say a word”

Say a word any word – just get a word or phrase out of your mouth.  Do it before hesitation has a chance to start strangling your confidence.  When you speak a word you silence your negative self-talk.  Then take a pause and start your talk.

It may feel crazy to think…

9 Nov

It may feel crazy to think, but the speakers who connect most with their audience are willing to show themselves as human beings, with difficulties and emotions:

How much can you give of yourself when you speak?
Getting personal by sharing stories?
Can you make mistakes and laugh at yourself right along with the audience?
Can you bring yourself to to share your fear, passion, or sadness when you speak?

“Getting Rid of Weakness in Communication” by Keith Scott

3 Nov

Are you wondering if I can really teach you how to communicate?  Sign up and check me out!

10:15 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
“Getting Rid of Weakness in Communication”
Led by: SECU, Keith Scott, President /CEO, Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce-Small Business Resource Center

Fall 2013 Business Growth Expo

Network, make connections and learn how to grow your business at our Fall 2013 Business Growth Expo!

  • When: Thursday, November 7, 2013,8:00am-12:00pm Add to my calendar
  • Where: Baltimore Hunt Valley Inn245 Shawan Road Hunt Valley MD 21031
  • Suggested Dress: Business attire

People hate it when they get talked at, so don’t do it.

29 Oct

TALLspeaking tips before, during, and after your presentation!

  1. Don’t abuse your visuals – Usually your visuals are posters, charts, but never use PowerPoint .  Whatever your visuals may be, keep them simple and don’t put too many words on them. The audience isn’t there to read your slides, they are there to listen to you present.
  2. Look at the audience – If you ever wondered where you should be looking when presenting, the answer is right in front of you. Don’t just single out one person, but instead try to make eye contact with numerous people throughout the room. If you don’t do this then you aren’t engaging the audience, you are just talking to yourself. This can result in an utter lack of attention from your audience.
  3. Show your personality – It doesn’t matter if you are presenting to a corporate crowd or to senior citizens, you need to show some character when presenting. If you don’t do this you’ll probably sound like Agent Smith from the Matrix. Nobody wants to hear him present
  4. Make them laugh – Although you want to educate your audience, you need to make them laugh as well. I learned this from Guy Kawasaki and if you ever hear any of his speeches you’ll understand why. In essence, it keeps the audience alert and they’ll learn more from you than someone who just educates.
Always believe a guy in a bow tie!

Always believe a guy in a bow tie!

  1. Talk to your audience, not at them – People hate it when they get talked at, so don’t do it. You need to interact with your audience and create a conversation. An easy way to do this is to ask them questions as well as letting them ask you questions.
  2. Be honest – A lot of people present to the audience what they want to hear, instead of what they need to hear. Make sure you tell the truth even if they don’t want to hear it because they will respect you for that and it will make you more human and authentic.
  3. Don’t over prepare – If you rehearse your presentation too much it will sound like it in a bad way.  Never tape your presentation because you will start to look rehearsed.   Granted, you need to be prepared enough to know what you are going to talk about but make sure your presentation flows naturally instead of sounding memorized. Usually if you ask experienced speakers what you shouldn’t do, they’ll tell you not to rehearse your presentation too much because then it won’t sound natural.
  4. Show some movement – You probably know that you need to show some movement when speaking, but naturally you may forget to do so. Make sure you show some gestures or pace around a bit (not too much) on the stage when speaking. Remember, no one likes watching a stiff. People are more engaged with an animated speaker.
  5. Watch what you say – You usually don’t notice when you say “uhm”, “ah”, or any other useless word frequently, but the audience does. It gets quite irritating; so much that some members of the audience will probably count how many times you say these useless words.  Learn how to eliminate weak language from your everyday use.
  6. Differentiate yourself – If you don’t do something unique compared to all the other presenters the audience has heard, they won’t remember you. You are branding yourself when you speak, so make sure you do something unique and memorable.


27 Oct

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER videotape yourself  doing a presentation because it will kill your communication skills.  Shocked that a speech coach would give that advise?

Never Tape Yourself

Never be a copy!

Many of my clients ask – should I tape myself giving a presentation or do you ever tape clients giving a presentation? I think that taping yourself is one of the worst things you can do for your communication skills!  Why?  When you tape yourself you are creating a visual script for your presentation and we know that scripts can be deadly boring and lack emotion/passion.  When you watch yourself you automatically start scripting your body language and voice so that your final presentation is basically you working to remember what you did on tape.  That kills the spirit of the speech and is a major disservice to your audience.    There is nothing as refreshing as a presentation that has the flavor of an original.

Be original

Let me see you pose for employment….hmmmm

17 Oct

A study published last year, led by Amy J.C. Cuddy, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, required participants to strike power poses for several minutes before beginning a mock job interview. Those who did so got better reviews and were more likely to be hired—even though evaluators never saw them in the poses.

So break old body-language habits and start power posing! –

Selecting A New Book For Public Speaking

17 Oct

Great piece!

Creating Communication

Our Public Speaking team has been through a lot.  We purchased a platform for teaching our textbook to our online students, and the entire thing reminds me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”  Nothing worked as promised, and this made the students angry and the teachers frustrated and exhausted.

Now we are looking into a new book, the anti-textbook.  We want something relevant to our students, something with a fresh perspective and major insight into the presentation revolution.  Before we make our big decisions, here are some of our  contenders:


Well, so it’s not a REAL bracket, but it is as much as I could get within the limitations of Keynote’s 1024×768 slide size.

What book would you suggest for our revamped Public Speaking class?

Note: Another class already uses Nancy Duarte’s Resonate; otherwise, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

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