Hot summer queen eating Ice Cream – brought to you by TALLspeaking

19 Jul

I guess not what you thought?

Magicians use slight-of-hand to create the illusion of magic.  They guide our attention so that we only see what they want us to see.  If their trick works, we believe we have seen something, which actually never happened.

In Public Speaking, we can use slight-of-word, to create an illusion too.  We can guide people’s thinking, so that they believe what we want them to believe.    If we have fear, we can stand up straight and walk with presence.  If we think we are going to forget the speech we can have memorized bullet  phrases.    If we have anxiety in our voice , we can tap our leg or use our hands to wave off excess energy.  As a speaker you are like a Magician you can craft your message in a way that creates an illusion no matter what your skill level.

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