Tutoring in Public Speaking and Networking – Keith Baird Scott

29 Dec

Welcome and Embrace Nervous Energy – It’s a Good Thing!

Speaking in front of others involves risk. The risk of making a mistake. The risk of not knowing something. The risk of being judged. The risk of appearing stupid.

Whether we are about to be attacked by a tiger, or about to deliver a speech the brain perceives physical or psychological stress. Instantly, it starts pumping chemicals through your body. Your heart beats faster. Your blood pressureincreases. Your senses sharpen.

having this response is a GOOD thing. Extra nervous energy helps us. Research suggests it can help you perform tasks more efficiently and can improve memory. Good stress is something we want. Good stress stimulates us.

For me it’s exactly that anxiety that pushes me. I want to be sure I don’t look stupid, so I spend extra time preparing and practicing. So, my second tip today, is welcome and embrace nervous energy… don’t fight it. Use the energy to show your passion.  Use the energy for a stronger voice and varied inflection. Use the energy to move around the room. Use the energy to encourage interaction.

Here’s a secret…great speaking performance requires nervous energy.

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