I’m here to tell you… – It is a good thing you told me why you are here, I was starting to wonder.

21 May

Get rid of the trendy catch phrases!!! They annoy the hell out of people and you will be tuned out in a heart beat. Here are some examples of phrases to trash:

 Absolutely! (Did you get a job? Absolutely!) – Ding Dong, is anyone
home?! This is a simple yes or no answer! Absolutely ≠ Yes
 Chime-in (I’d like to chime-in) – What are you, a clock?
 The good news is… – Now you think you’re a reporter!? Go see a shrink
and when you come back, start saying fortunately instead of pretending to
be a reporter!
 Pluralizing a name (…the Enrons of the world) – There is only one of these
Einstein! Just say, “companies like Enron… ”
 Push back (we are getting a lot of push back on that idea) – This sounds
like what happens when you have to #2 but can’t get to the toilet. Is the
word resistance too hard?
 I’m here to tell you… – It is a good thing you told me why you are here, I
was starting to wonder.
 Radar screen (That’s not on my radar screen.) – What are you an air traffic
 Let me (let me tell you something) – Do you need my permission to speak?

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