Show me your inner freak!!

15 Oct

Getting older has one silver lining – you can quickly discern and remove those fake people from your life.  To me it’s all about authenticity – truly being your chemical make-up.   So many people lose authenticity and become robotic copies of people they think are successful.  Morrissey has a song called “People are the same everywhere”  and he is desperate not to be part of a herd mentality.  The herd has no passion, no innovation, no richness, no depth.

If you are fake in communication –  face to face or to a group your listeners will flip the channel – there eyes will be hollow stares as they go into their own world.  You might as well be talking to your dog.  You must speak and brand you – no matter how strange you think you are inside.  To communicate you must release the freak.

Do one thing today to release your inner freak  and comment!!

No one likes a wimp – Tips on assertive body language

9 Oct

No one likes or respects a wimp.  A wimp gets pushed around in life and faces humiliation at every turn.  Being a wimp is a degrading life.   Here are some tips that show universal strength.

How to look assertive!

How to look assertive!

  • Take Up More Space:Those who are timid tend to keep their arms close by their side and tuck their feet under their chair, taking up as little space as possible. If you want to show confidence, you have to claim space by firmly planting your feet shoulder width apart, or if you are sitting, leaning back in your chair and using the armrests during meetings.
  • Steepling: Steepling is when you press the tips of your fingers together with palms facing each other in front of your torso. This move (which looks like a steeple) is the universal sign of confidence. You can do this at a business meeting on the table or even when speaking and trying to emphasize a point.

Most are dreadfully boring, dull and frankly you want to scream!

8 Oct

How many times have you gone to a business mixer and they ask you for your 30 second elevator speech.  Most are dreadfully boring, dull and frankly you want to scream.   Here are some tips on creating that powerful elevator speech!!

Tips for a better elevator speech!

Tips for a better elevator speech!

How To Deliver A Powerful Elevator Speech

Here are five tips for ensuring you have an ES that packs a punch:

1. You Have To “Get” What’s Unique About You

If you do nothing else, spend time truly getting what differentiates you, what causes you to stand out. This is what you want in your elevator speech.

2. It Has To Roll Off Your Tongue

You need to write it down and practice it so it becomes second nature to you. This will support a confident appearance when you say it.

3. One Sentence Is Usually Enough

Think short and sweet. Powerful is not lengthy or full of too many words. When you force yourself into one sentence, it causes you to think about each word more carefully so that each one tends to convey more.

4. Your Second Word Should Be A Verb

What do you do? For others? This also forces you into thinking about your results and accomplishments. Get a list of powerful verbs, look them up.

5. You Have To Believe It

If you develop an ES that embarrasses you or causes you to cringe, you either need to beef up your confidence or change what you’re saying about yourself.

Recommendation from Ryan Polakoff :

30 Sep

Recommendation from Ryan Polakoff : “I hired Keith a few weeks ago to help me prepare for an upcomming speaking engagement. He had worked with a colleague of mine, and I heard amazing results. I can now confirm the same. After working with Keith to “polish off my rust” I now have a re-newed confidence about my public speaking abilities. Keith’s creative methodologies allowed me to examine my own speaking preparations, and re-vamp them, allowing me to raise my game. Keith is incredibly easy to work with, and truly is a subject matter expert in the realm of speaking.I thoroughly enjoyed my session with him, and am also enjoying the new speaking techniques I’ve learned. I fully plan on utilizing his services again in the future, and recommend him on the highest of levels. Keith is the man!”
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“May I ask who is calling”? “Can I have dressing on the side”?

26 Sep

“May I ask who is calling”  – I hear this all the time on the other end of the phone line or while waiting in reception areas?   This is weak, meek and confusing language for the listener because who ever says no.  So it’s couched as a question but truly it is a demand.  Plus, why would you ask “may” of course you can say “who is calling” and there is truly no need to ask permission.

Its similar to when you hear people order  at a restaurant and they say “can I have a salad with dressing on the side”?  It’s not rocket science or a mathematical equation to just pour dressing into a small cup.   In addition of course you can have your food any way you want included burnt to a crisp – you are the one paying for the service.  We need to eliminate this weak/meek language from our everyday conversations so we sound strong and confident.

Demand the f****** room

24 Sep

Are you demanding the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you demanding the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Demand the f****** room

First impressions  really do make a difference, so the way you enter a room sets the tone for the presentation.

Do you look put together, polished and poised? Or do you look haggard and like you spent the entire night stressing over your presentation or worse, up all night producing a hastily written speech?

This point is about more than just style; you also need to walk in with confidence.

Demanding the f****** room is about walking in like you own the place, head up, shoulders back and with a strut.  Looking confident will help you feel confident.

I want justice for the voice that can’t be heard…….

22 Sep

People often wonder “what made you start TALLspeaking”?

This song from VNV Nation – Nemesis is my inspiration:


Those who shout the loudest impose their will

Upholding laws that serve the few

Declaring peace while the sirens sing
In the name of progress, the name of madness
Drum beats faster, crowd shouts louder
And chaos replaces order

I want justice for the voice that can’t be heard
Vindication for every suffering and hurt
Let retribution hold dominion over earth
Because Judgement Day’s not coming
Judgement Day’s not coming

VNV NATION – Nemesis


falling down the escalator…….. this afternoon

21 Sep

Heading down the Charles Street Metro escalator this afternoon I noticed a guy with a cane,neck brace, lack of balance and blind.    He was heading down the escalator behind me and frankly I thought at the end he would fly forward toward the hard concrete.  I was not in the mood after being drenched in the rain to deal with this but we must always watch our own humanity.  So I waited at the bottom of the escalator to make sure he was sturdy on his feet and asked him if he was ok.  Then I started to walk off but he was still communicating to me.  Nothing verbal, no sounds – yet he was communicating that he was in a dangerous position.

If I just left him he would most likely head toward the next set of escalators and suffer a bad fall.   He wanted to use the metro to cross to the other side and escape the rain.  I could have told him that it’s dangerous but he was not the type of person to project reason.  So, I had to communicate a message to him without listening to his feedback.  I told him that without a guide this was far too dangerous and that he would be going with me back up the escalator.  This was classic one-way communication.

As we started up the escalator he decided to give me a commuication challenge via body language.   He leaned back and dared me to catch him – I was not totally successful but did manage to get him back on his feet with my arm tightly around his shoulder and told him with direct language don’t do that again.  As we got back to the top of the stairs and away from the metro I told him to go straight and use his cane to feel his steps.  I watched him briefly before I departed.

There are times when communication must be direct and democracy in decision making terminated.  When we see and can hear the screams for help and assistance we must communicate action and responsibility.  There isn’t time to discuss the merits of a decision – it is action that forges safety and progress.  In this situation I nullified this individuals own free- will and silenced his verbal debate for the greater good.    How can this type of communication be applied in your life?

TALLspeaking Communication Star: Keith Daw

17 Sep

Keith Daw II

Do you remember your first presentation? 

My first big public speaking engagement was a luncheon for a professional association. They’d called me with 48 hours’ notice and asked I speak for 45 minutes on a topic I’d briefly discussed with a colleague. Definitely a late night mind mapping exercise to create talking points and a flow for the talk. Yes, it was a big hit.

 Does anything give you anxiety in public presentations? 

My anxiety typically concerns creating that initial bond with the audience, to help them realize this isn’t going to be the boring talk they may have expected, and to help them understand audience participation is strongly encouraged.

How do you spot a bad speaker? 

A bad speaker relies too heavily on notes in front of them and is afraid to engage the audience. Speak with them, not to them. Ask yourself…are you speaking for their benefit, or yours?

Words of wisdom for someone who gets red faced when speaking? 

Introduce yourself to as many people BEFORE you speak. You’ll be less likely to turn red in front of people you’ve already spoken to, even if you don’t know much about them.

Who do you think is one of the best speakers?

Locally, I would say Dave Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training. In my opinion, a great example of sharing wisdom and experience, with professional humility, and allowing the audience to remain engaged, while finding value and feeling inspires to take action.

Keith Daw | VP, Business Development & Trainer| LinkedIn Trainer | Speaker

Sandler Training|McDonell Consulting & Development, Inc.

M: 443.866.3494| |

Towson: 810 Gleneagles Court. Suite 103 Towson, MD 21286 | P: 410-339-5168

At 6’9, Keith Scott is used to turning heads when he walks into a room.

11 Sep

BeansTalk from Beanstalk Apparel

  • Tall Tuesday: Keith Scott, founder of TALLspeaking

    At 6’9, Keith Scott is used to turning heads when he walks into a room. Keith has a strong presence in the Baltimore business community as the CEO and President of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Resource Center, and he is the founder of TALLspeaking, a personal coaching service that helps clients overcome their fear of public speaking and address personal anxieties to achieve success.

    Many people fear speaking in a large group or in front of a crowd. This fear often prevents great ideas or creative solutions from becoming reality because people shy away from presenting ideas or speaking up. Realizing that often the silent or quieter participants have great solutions and the prominent speakers gain attention, Keith wanted to help those ideas and solutions be heard.

    Inspired by his father’s tenacity, resourceful people around him and the desire to help others achieve personal success, Keith brought Tallspeaking to life in 2010. Keith works with clients to address personal barriers, overcome shyness, engage with a crowd, build a great first impression and gain the confidence to reach personal goals. He takes a positive approach to public speaking and feels that it is a thrill to have the honor to speak in front of people and communicate a message that can inspire.

    “Height has the advantage of gaining attention and declaring a brand that makes you feel, and look super confident” Keith says.

    Height advantage or not, conquering anxiety and gaining confidence in yourself will build your own natural presence. Everyone offers something great, and everyone has different obstacles to overcome.

    Being tall provides a natural presence, but Keith is no stranger to the qualms of the tall experience. Comments and stares are abundant, and trying to find clothing that fits can be a challenge but Keith’s positive attitude and calm nature makes him approachable and releatable. His communication expertise and natural confidence allow him to really get to know his clients and work with them to overcome barriers.

    Keith continues to build TALLspeaking with the goal of reaching an international audience.

    Words of wisdom from Keith: “Most things take less time than you think, it will be there tomorrow and after you’re dead”.

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