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The Exploding Whale – Sometimes our speeches send blubber everywhere – TALLspeaking

12 Jun

Does this sound like you:  

I started a new job recently and had to give my first presentation in over 7 years. It was over the telephone so not a real presentation and it went pretty well. I am a master at writing these things, but presenting them is another issue altogether. Ever since I was a kid, I have hated public speaking. I think it started in grade 3 when my teacher told me my voice was too quiet for a part in the play. I was upset and my mum demanded he give me a role, and when I got up there he stood on the sidelines directing me to speak louder, louder, louder and I lost total focus of what I was saying and was so embarrassed.

You deserve a Speech Coach BECAUSE  you can never afford to lose your reputation.

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