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“Getting Rid of Weakness in Communication” by Keith Scott

3 Nov

Are you wondering if I can really teach you how to communicate?  Sign up and check me out!

10:15 a.m.-11:00 a.m.
“Getting Rid of Weakness in Communication”
Led by: SECU, Keith Scott, President /CEO, Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce-Small Business Resource Center

Fall 2013 Business Growth Expo

Network, make connections and learn how to grow your business at our Fall 2013 Business Growth Expo!

  • When: Thursday, November 7, 2013,8:00am-12:00pm Add to my calendar
  • Where: Baltimore Hunt Valley Inn245 Shawan Road Hunt Valley MD 21031
  • Suggested Dress: Business attire


Working With People You Don’t Like

5 Aug

No matter who you are or where you work, there will be a time when you have to work with, or do business with, someone you don’t like. This person may be a client, a consultant, a colleague, or your boss.

Start by thinking about why you don’t like this person. What does he or she do, specifically, that irritates you?

It’s possible that the negative or annoying behavior reminds you of a specific trait that you have yourself and that you don’t like.

This person might have several character traits that you dislike. But, chances are, he or she also has many positive attributes. What are they? What behaviors or personality traits do you like or relate to?

You can reduce these feelings by changing the way that you react to tense situations. Learn how to manage your emotions  so that you can respond with assertiveness and dignity in tough situations.

If you have a negative interaction with someone, take immediate steps to calm down: walk away or practice deep breathing exercises  Also, make sure that you don’t let your negative mood affect how you treat others.

I’m here to tell you… – It is a good thing you told me why you are here, I was starting to wonder.

21 May

Get rid of the trendy catch phrases!!! They annoy the hell out of people and you will be tuned out in a heart beat. Here are some examples of phrases to trash:

 Absolutely! (Did you get a job? Absolutely!) – Ding Dong, is anyone
home?! This is a simple yes or no answer! Absolutely ≠ Yes
 Chime-in (I’d like to chime-in) – What are you, a clock?
 The good news is… – Now you think you’re a reporter!? Go see a shrink
and when you come back, start saying fortunately instead of pretending to
be a reporter!
 Pluralizing a name (…the Enrons of the world) – There is only one of these
Einstein! Just say, “companies like Enron… ”
 Push back (we are getting a lot of push back on that idea) – This sounds
like what happens when you have to #2 but can’t get to the toilet. Is the
word resistance too hard?
 I’m here to tell you… – It is a good thing you told me why you are here, I
was starting to wonder.
 Radar screen (That’s not on my radar screen.) – What are you an air traffic
 Let me (let me tell you something) – Do you need my permission to speak?


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