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Principle #1–Speaking in Public is NOT Inherently Stressful – TALLspeaking – Public Speaking made easy

15 Aug

Principle #1–Speaking in Public is NOT Inherently Stressful

Most of us believe parts of life are inherently stressful. In fact, most of us have been taught to believe that life as a whole is very stressful!

To deal with any type of stress effectively, you first must understand that life itself, including public speaking, is NOT inherently stressful. Thousands of human beings have learned to speak in front of groups with little or no stress at all. Many of these people were initially terrified to speak in public. Their knees would shake, their voices would tremble, their thoughts would become jumbled . . . you know the rest. Yet they learned to eliminate their fear of public speaking completely.

You are no more or less human than they are. If they can conquer the fear of public speaking, so can you! It just takes the right guiding principles, the right understanding, and the right plan of action to make this goal a reality.

Believe me, it’s not difficult. I’m a good example of someone who conquered the fear of public speaking. And while I didn’t do it overnight, it wasn’t difficult. All it took was approaching the problem in the right way.

Principle #2–You Don’t have to be Brilliant or Perfect to Succeed

Many of us have observed public speakers and thought to ourselves “Wow, I could never be that smart, calm, witty, entertaining, polished . . . or whatever.” Well, I’ve got news for you– you don’t have to be brilliant, witty, or perfect to succeed. That is not what public speaking is all about. I know it may look that way, but it’s not. You can be average. You can be below average. You can make mistakes, get tongue-tied, or forget whole segments of your talk. You can even tell no jokes at all and still be successful.

It all depends on how you, and your audience, define “success.” Believe me, your audience doesn’t expect perfection. I used to think most audiences did, but I was wrong! Before I discovered this, I used to put incredible pressure on myself to deliver a perfect performance. I worked for days to prepare a talk. I stayed up nights worrying about making mistakes. I spent hours and hours rehearsing what I was going to say. And you know what? All this did was make me even more anxious! The more perfect I tried to be, the worse I did! It was all very disheartening (not to mention unnecessary).

The essence of public speaking is this: give your audience something of value. That’s all there is to it. If people in your audience walk away with something (anything) of value, they will consider you a success. If they walk away feeling better about themselves, feeling better about some job they have to do, they will consider you a success. If they walk away feeling happy or entertained, they will consider their time with you worthwhile.

Even if you pass out, get tongue-tied, or say something stupid during your talk . . . they won’t care! As long as they get something of value, they will be thankful.

They don’t even need to feel good to consider you a success. If you criticize people, or if you stir them up to ultimately benefit them, they might still appreciate you, even though you didn’t make them feel good at the time.

Principle #3–All You Need is Two or Three Main Points

You don’t have to deliver mountains of facts or details to give your audience what they truly want. Many studies have shown that people remember very few of the facts or information speakers convey. While you may choose to include lots of facts and information, you only need to make two or three main points to have your talk be successful. You can even have your whole talk be about only one key point, if you wish.

When I first began speaking in public during medical school (kicking, screaming, and quivering all the way), I wasn’t aware of this simple principle. I wrongly believed that my audience wanted encyclopedic knowledge from me, which of course I didn’t have. So I tried to research my topic thoroughly and deliver as much worldly wisdom as possible.

Boy was that exhausting! It was also boring for my audience to suffer through.

Later, when I began giving public seminars on how to cope with stress, I spent hours each week typing a twenty-page script to read from, so I wouldn’t forget any important tidbit.

As time went on, I gradually learned that this degree of complexity wasn’t needed. As a result, the length of my discussion notes gradually declined. My twenty-page typed manuscript gave way to a five-page detailed outline. Then, I replaced my outline with ten or fifteen index cards. Eventually, I could conduct a full two-hour seminar with only one 3X5 index card (containing my two or three key points) to support me!

As long as I focused on these two or three key points, I was able to speak at length about them by naturally drawing upon my past experiences and knowledge.

Remember, all your audience wants from you is to walk away with one or two key points that will make a difference to them. If you structure your talks to deliver this result, you can avoid lots of complexity that isn’t really needed. This also should make your job as a speaker much easier, and more fun too!

Funniest Price is Right Contestant Ever! – By TALLSpeaking – Your Speech Teacher

10 Jun

Many people know they need to improve their Public Speaking but they are concerned about if the PRICE IS RIGHT.  What price is worth missing a promotion or losing a key account because of your ability to communicate.  What is the price of your reputation the next time you need to give a presentation.  Ask yourself  what price do I need to pay for success in the future.


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