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Katie Holmes got virtually nothing in Tom Cruise divorce – TALLspeaking – Public Speaking made easy

24 Aug

Yet when you divorce yourself from your ahs, umms, bad eye contact, rambling sentences, no body language, racing heart, you will gain self-confidence, increase in respect, increase in $$$, and the ability to communicate effectively in a fast-paced world.

Here are some Public Speaking Tips on Pauses:

How many seconds should a “short/medium/long pause” be?

There’s no strict rules on precisely how long your pauses should be. Appropriate lengths for pauses (from a fraction of second to several seconds or more) will vary considerably based on your speaking style, the nature of your message, the duration of your talk, your audience, and cultural norms.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • While the duration of your pauses may be different than another speaker, you should vary your pause length consistently. For example, yourcomma pauses (however long they are) should be shorter than yourparagraph pauses. Failure to do so will negate the benefits of using pauses, and will confuse your audience.
  • For long pauses, pause longer than you think is necessary, perhaps longer than is comfortable for you.
  • Seek feedback on your use of pauses. Ask for candid feedback through questions such as: Did my pauses seem natural? Were there any awkward pauses? Was my overall pace too fast, or too slow?
  • Use video recordings to perform a self-assessment of your pause performance.


Scientologists Deny Spying On Katie Holmes – by TALLspeaking

3 Jul

Everyday people are spying on us and it’s time we just get over it.  We may not all be famous like Ms. Holmes but everyday people are watching what we are wearing, our body language, our gestures and our spoken word.     The fact is you are spying on other people all the time without them ever knowing it.  Have you ever crossed the street because you didn’t like the person you saw coming towards you.  You just having something in your “gut” that tells you to stay away from this person.   People may be staying away from you for the very same reason.  When you learn how to become a better communicator you can learn how to create an image for yourself that invites people to want to hear and take action from your communication.


Holmes feared she’d lose Suri to radical Scientology organization – by TALLspeaking

2 Jul

I liked this headline because of the word “LOSE”   When I am conducting a class many people tell me that they “LOSE” their train of thought or that they “LOSE” what they are going to say next.  Nothing in the brain is truly “LOST” it’s just in limbo because fear and nerves have replaced the thought process.  Once the heart starts to race and breathing becomes shallow it’s easy for thoughts to become “LOST”  Learning how to control your nerves and fears is key to successful public speaking otherwise you will continue to “LOSE”


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