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As many famous people have discovered……

6 Mar


As many famous people have discovered, your
voice can be a powerful tool. But like any tool
you must practice with it to use it well. When
giving a speech, you want the entire audience to
hear you. The following points may help:
• Project your voice and speak up. Voice projection is not
shouting, and you can do it without straining. Speaking from
the back of the throat makes your voice sound weak and
tires it faster; use your diaphragm muscles to make your
voice carry. The diaphragm muscles are between your chest
and stomach. Using them will help you relax and make your
voice sound stronger.
• Try to sound like yourself. Use a conversational tone with
familiar words.
• Speak at a comfortable pace so everyone can hear and understand your entire speech.
• Enunciate (pronounce clearly) all vowels and consonants.
• Don’t slur your words – practice pronouncing the d’s, t’s and
ing’s on the end of words.
• When you’re rehearsing a speech, have someone stand near the
back of the room to give you feedback on your projection and
delivery, as well as content.

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