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Public Speaking lessons for your child?

18 Jun




Having to speak in front of an audience scares most people, but if your child learns this crucial skill in their childhood you will help them to avoid being ever anxious about speaking in public. Children approach things often in a fearless way. Thus, the sooner you start teaching your child public speaking skills the better. Speaking in front of people – taught at an early age – might help them to become great communicators and leaders one day. A skill and asset that they will keep for the rest of their life.

Some tips to help your child become a better speaker!

 Show them (good and poor) videos of presentations online.

Look on You tube and other video sharing websites for speeches and presentations. Find some good and some poor examples. Watching poor presentations might teach your child more than watching a good speech. Sit together with your child and discuss: Was it a good or a poor presentation? Why was it good? Why was it poor? What could they (or you) personally apply to my own presentation in the future?

 Provide any opportunity to hold speeches in your private circle.

Whenever there is an important event, such as a wedding celebration, an anniversary party, a friend or relative’s birthday, etc. allow your child to speak. The more exposure your child gets to bigger groups the better. Your child will gain a powerful advantage and as adult they will lose their fear of public speaking.

Female leadership traits to get to the top

4 Jun


Confidence can mean a world of difference between a woman who is able to live her dreams and one who is not–so often a talented woman is held back through lack of confidence. The former U.K. prime minister Margaret Thatcher was famous for her confidence and iron will–and for her slogan “The lady’s not for turning.”


Mentoring is essential to encouraging  female leaders of the future: Identifying and overcoming obstacles to their career progression at the early stages can have a huge effect on their eventual success. This should start in school and be a part of every stage of a woman’s education and training. If you can identify opportunities and encourage women early on then they will be able to fulfill their potential throughout their careers. Some of the most prominent women had great mentors–and they are often now working as mentors to the next generation themselves.

Botox silences women’s faces – and freezes out empathy in body language

29 May

Botox Face

Facial micro-mimicry is the major way we understand others’ emotions. If you are wincing in pain I immediately do a micro-wince, which sends a message to my brain about what you are experiencing. By experiencing it myself I understand what you are going through. This suggests that not only do I find my Botoxed friends hard to read, but they are also hindered in their capacity to read me. An unfortunate feedback cycle. The possible implications of this are frightening.

There has been a study into the effects of Botox on the ability to empathise, but nothing that specifically addresses the impacts on friendship, or the mother-infant bond. The absence of discussion around the effect of Botox on mothering is troubling considering that a mother’s display of emotions is how the infant learns to interact with the world. Psychologists have a method for testing infant distress at unresponsive faces called the “still face paradigm”. Any alarm bells ringing?

Empathy is a cornerstone of our relationships, vital to both building and maintaining positive interactions with others. That many women are presenting themselves as a still image is disturbing and worthy of consideration. The poker face, by definition, doesn’t express anything. With the proliferation ofselfies and the focus on static representations of women’s faces, are we forgetting how much of who we are is communicated through facial expressions? Are we, in some sense, choosing a form of silence far more insidious than women have ever known in the past? Who benefits from the silencing of women’s faces? And what is the cost?



Lace is probably the most recognizable material for sexy lingerie, but what makes it so sexy? TALLspeaking – KEITH SCOTT

18 Apr

Lace is probably the most recognizable material for sexy lingerie, but what makes it so sexy? Perhaps it’s that it’s a very traditional material that’s beloved of both men and women and is always bound to bring back memories? Maybe it’s the ultra-feminine look of lace?

I believe the allure of lace is in the fact that it creates desire – it offers a sense of mystery and mystic.  In communication and pubic speaking we are wanting the audience to listen with a sense of desire and anticipation.  If we give them everything at once they will lose interest.  Yet, when presenting – if we slowly bring them into the story –  building the plot and description the eyes of the entire audience will be on you.  Remember the power of lace – it’s ability to attract attention – find ways to make your presentation have the same appeal as lace and you will be the life of the presentation.

Study: Everyone Wants to Be Having the Most Sex

16 Apr

Research done at University of Colorado, Boulder found that people who said they are happier also reported having sex on the reg. No surprise there.
However, when sexual frequency was put as the control, people who simply believed they were having less sex than other people were unhappier than those who believed they were having as much or more than their peers. 

Basically, “having more sex makes us happy, but thinking that we are having more sex than other people makes us even happier,” says Tim Wadsworth, an associate professor of sociology who helmed the study.

When you are presenting in front of a large group envision your presentation in your imagination – think about how you are going to walk up to the microphone, imagine the smells of the room, your feet on the floor.  Take time to imagine the audience smiling, nodding their heads with great interest.   People laughing at your humor and focused on your every word.   You are now the best speaker that the audience has heard in years.  It’s your imagination that will set your mood and allow you to excel.  Of course it’s not as fun as….. 

When I attended my first TALLspeaking seminar, I was so nervous. I thought to myself, “Not another public speaking class!”

26 Mar

When I attended my first TALLspeaking seminar, I was so nervous.  I thought to myself, “Not another public speaking class!”, as I told my boss how excited I was to attend.  I couldn’t believe how interactive and fun the seminar was!  Not only did I pick up on some great tips and tricks of public speaking but I also learned how to be comfortable in front of a group of strangers.  Keith does an amazing job in getting the group to actively participate throughout the seminar.  I was so impressed with his presentation that I recommended to our CEO for Keith to come in to do not just 1 but 2 seminars for our credit union.  Keith’s first seminar was on Intrapersonal Communication, the entire staff attended.  The second seminar was on Public Speaking for our supervisors and leaders of our organization.  I have received an incredible amount of positive feedback from the staff.  Each staff member was enthusiastically engaged while Keith was presenting.  It was truly a pleasure to work with Keith and he is remarkably good at teaching Communication skills.  I highly recommend TALLspeaking, I promise that everyone at all levels of your organization will benefit from this seminar!

Rebecca Coakley, PHR

HR Manager

The Partnership Federal Credit Union

Katie Holmes got virtually nothing in Tom Cruise divorce – TALLspeaking – Public Speaking made easy

24 Aug

Yet when you divorce yourself from your ahs, umms, bad eye contact, rambling sentences, no body language, racing heart, you will gain self-confidence, increase in respect, increase in $$$, and the ability to communicate effectively in a fast-paced world.

Here are some Public Speaking Tips on Pauses:

How many seconds should a “short/medium/long pause” be?

There’s no strict rules on precisely how long your pauses should be. Appropriate lengths for pauses (from a fraction of second to several seconds or more) will vary considerably based on your speaking style, the nature of your message, the duration of your talk, your audience, and cultural norms.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • While the duration of your pauses may be different than another speaker, you should vary your pause length consistently. For example, yourcomma pauses (however long they are) should be shorter than yourparagraph pauses. Failure to do so will negate the benefits of using pauses, and will confuse your audience.
  • For long pauses, pause longer than you think is necessary, perhaps longer than is comfortable for you.
  • Seek feedback on your use of pauses. Ask for candid feedback through questions such as: Did my pauses seem natural? Were there any awkward pauses? Was my overall pace too fast, or too slow?
  • Use video recordings to perform a self-assessment of your pause performance.


If you don’t want to spend money on yourself….. by TALLspeaking

4 Jul

Sure the economy is still tight and  your conservative about where you spend your money.    One of the best places to invest your money is in the next generation.    Do you feel that because of the  texting/facebook culture that they have forgotten how to communicate?  How are they going to survive in a new global economy with poor communication and public speaking skills.   Why not give your sons and daughters the gift of Public Speaking training?

The Exploding Whale – Sometimes our speeches send blubber everywhere – TALLspeaking

12 Jun

Does this sound like you:  

I started a new job recently and had to give my first presentation in over 7 years. It was over the telephone so not a real presentation and it went pretty well. I am a master at writing these things, but presenting them is another issue altogether. Ever since I was a kid, I have hated public speaking. I think it started in grade 3 when my teacher told me my voice was too quiet for a part in the play. I was upset and my mum demanded he give me a role, and when I got up there he stood on the sidelines directing me to speak louder, louder, louder and I lost total focus of what I was saying and was so embarrassed.

You deserve a Speech Coach BECAUSE  you can never afford to lose your reputation.


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